Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh by the way...

We got the money from our closing today. I should be happy, right? Instead I kind of feel like this picture of the pissy cat. Yanno - I really thing it should be part of the job of the people walking you through the home buying process to anticipate any "normal" problems that could come up.

- Originally I was told that the money would be available to me on that day. I wasn't told there was a possibility that because we were closing on a Friday that we might have to wait until Monday. Surprise! (A simple heads up that this could be possible would have been nice.)

- A week ago I checked with the title company to see whether I should make final payments to the mortgage company and home owners association. She said - you take care of the HOA, we will roll the mortgage into the closing. I was hit with double payments - because they took it out of the closing AND I had paid like I was supposed to. Surprise!

- At the closing, as we were going over the closing she explained that the year end taxes had been taken out because the mortgage company hadn't paid them yet. Almost $1700. This seemed ok until this morning I logged into my account and saw that indeed the mortgage company had paid them!! Double payments again!! Surprise! Luckily I caught it early enough that the title company hadn't sent the money off to the city, county, school taxes yet so they are going to hold it until they get comfirmation that these were already paid.
I totall understand that the mortgage company has to take the taxes out. And I get that the city can take a few weeks to post the payments - BUT don't you think that people who deal with this for 20+ years should be able to anticipate that maybe this might be the case and at least warn a first time seller BEFORE she has to freak out and figure this out herself? Seriously?? I wasn't even aware that the year end taxes would be part of the closing - I just figured that the mortgage company had taken care of it like they do every year - which they did. If I hadn't called to investigate this when I did then I would have to fight each individual that the taxes were sent to to get my refunds. I guess this is all part of the learning curve.

On a happy note - I was able to confirm our flight and reserve a car for our honeymoon this morning. That and a nice little blue tablet of Aleve helped resolve this monstrous headache that resulted from this morning. Now let's think happy thoughts of snowflakes and jingle bells...and beautiful little baby Taylor that we get to see in just 3 days!! :)

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