Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wedding Photos!!!!

Here are some pics from the wedding...
John and the minister waiting for the bridal party to enter...doesn't he look handsome?? :)John, the minister and the groomsmen waiting for me to enter....
My bridesmaids watching me walk down the aisle...Kissy Kissy...During the unity candle...The original kissy kissy... :)My cake - yummy yummy - had a strawberry filling...
John's Dallas Cowboys cake....surprised? Didn't think so! ;-)

First dance... you see how RED that punch is? Was scary to toast that way! I was convinced I'd be wearing it!!
Daddy Daughter dance...

Mother Son dance
Our parents being honored for both celebrating their 40th anniversaries!!
Aggies doing the Aggie War Hymn!!
The Sendoff!!

Those are some pictures that my uncle took....I'll post the professional ones when I get them in a few weeks!!! Hope you enjoyed!! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wedding Pictures - Part 1 Pro Engagement.....

A teaser pic from the wedding sister Julie and my niece Taylor.... the rest of the pics are engagement....;-)

We didn't do our engagement pictures until a few weeks before the wedding. So here are a few of the professional shots from the photo shoot at the Dallas Arboretum.

I think my mom has some of the wedding pics that family members took - so when I go over there later, I am going to see what I can find :)

I'll update on our wedding/honeymoon in spurts - partially for your reading pleasure and partly so I can print this out at some point and have a record of all the events that transpired. We had a blast!!

Enjoy these for now...I'm off to run some errands!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Tahoe is a blast and we are loving being married! The wedding was awesome and everything fell into place. I'll post pics and stories after we get home.... Off to go play in the snow!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Wow - It's finally here!! This will be my last post before the wedding because I won't be back home until Sunday just to drop off the way to the airport. Yesterday was a whirlwind but it was a lot of fun..Hair, nails, dress.... Also found out some sad news about a wedding that was called off by someone I know and care about. 2 months away from the date. I could say a lot of things here but we'll just leave it at that. My heart breaks for him and we are praying for him and his family.

It was so good to get to visit with family yesterday evening too! Some we had seen relatively recently (this summer) some that we hadn't visited with in years.

Everyone will be hanging out at mom and dad's today, but I don't think we will get to see everyone again until the rehearsal tonight. We have soooo much to do still!! That's why I am awake at this horrible hour. John had one stop left to do so he is out doing that and then I will pick him up at 7.

We're about to kick this journey up a notch...I'm so excited!! :) 30 countdown is in HOURS!!! I'll post some pictures after we get back from Lake Tahoe!! Ciao! Pray the rest of the time goes smoothly!!

2 days!! The Wedding that Almost Wasn't!!

Only 2 more days!! What a deal!! Yesterday was such a tornado of a day!! Oh my goodness! In addition to the hustle and bustle of trying to wrap up things at work - I happened to be looking at the website to get the marriage license address as we were going to go pick this up on Friday when we were both off work. Well - I hadn't remembered from looking at the site previously that you had a 3 day waiting period which meant - we HAD to get it yesterday or we couldn't get married this Saturday!! Yes, John was less than thrilled at my oversight, but we went down to the office and got it all taken care of so we can officially be married on Saturday. Praise the Lord that I went on that site yesterday and not today or tomorrow!!

My sister came in town last night so got to love on the baby a little. She is so adorable. Julie brought pics of Doug as a baby and she is the spitting image of him. Too funny. She showed off her rolling over trick and had some laughs before it was bedtime for the little punkin.

Today will be a busy day...The real final fitting at 9:30, hair at 11, nails this afternoon, have to take guest bags to the hotels this afternoon and finish up wedding paper products. Cutting the silly program paper will take the most time because this batch didn't line up as smoothly as the first 100 for some reason. Family starts coming in tonight....and we have a big dinner planned at mom and dad's with whoever is here. It's getting really real!! :) Yay!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last day of work!! 3 more days!!

It's my last day of work!! Whoohoo!! Well working at the I still have a lot of running around to do...last minute fitting... It's getting very exciting!! Julie, Doug and baby Taylor come tonight!! John had a softball game Monday night and it was so windy that the dirt got caught in my sinuses so I was a sneezy mess yesterday. Claritin D didn't do much to help, so I made a quick trip to the doctor for some of the strong stuff. Normally, I would just let it run it's course but I can't have allergies turning into a full blown mess like they did a couple months ago. My wedding is in 3 days for goodness sake! So I got some medicine that has a bunch of scary side effects to it (on rare occurance of course). Hopefully it will just do it's job and the only job the tissues will need to do is wipe tears of joy....

All the DIY stuff that I was going to try to do....well some of it got done. The aisle runner got nixed because it was too much a pain in the booty. The tears of joy packets were just an excessive cute thing that I didn't have time to do. The programs are still in process. Almost done but still working on it. I need to get a new print cartridge and finish up the table signs. We also need to do laundry and pack. I'd like to go shopping for a new outfit or two but I don't know when I will have the time. We are getting our marriage license on Friday. I wish we hadn't waited until the last day to do it but it was hard to coordinate a time for both of us to take off to do it.

Only 3 more days!! The rain woke me up early this morning, so it's still only 6:45am. Well I guess it's time to get this last day on the road. Lots of loose ends to wrap up. Do you ever worry a little bit when you go on vacation that you'll come back to chaos because of things that happened while you were gone? I pray that isn't the case.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

4 days!!

Only 4 days left!! Julie comes in tomorrow and the rest of the fam will trickle in Thursday and Friday! I'm excited, stressed, nervous (just about the little details - not about getting married), ready to relax, and at the same time wanting to soak in all the moments. Only working today and tomorrow this week. Off I go..... Next time I blink it will be here!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Single Digits!!!

Wow!! Can you believe in a couple hours we will now be in the single digit countdown to our wedding day? I'm starting to feel overwhelmed at all the little things that still have to be wrapped up. It will all come together...I's just a crazy whirlwind right now!! People start coming into town next Wednesday!! 1 week from today!! Ok - back to the program printing!! No time for blogging these days! I promise I'll post pictures of the big event stuff for those who are interested! :) So fun!!!