Sunday, November 30, 2008

The many expressions of Taylor

These make me giggle! That tongue!!

So intense - lol above she looks like she is about to cry or just mad and below she looks like she is really worried.
Simply beautiful!! :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving, New Car, and Home Repairs

Yay!! We got the car that was in the previous post and we just LOVE it!! Very glad that we opted to do this. The lease thing may not work all the time in life - but at this juncture - it was the best option. It's comfy, roomy, and cute - and gets GREAT gas mileage! What more could you ask for?

Thanksgiving was fun spending time with both John's and my families. Time seemed too short as always. I was trying to be in keeping with the spirit of the holiday and suggested we go around the table and tell something we are thankful about. Invariably Grandma was mentioned which brought about boo-hooing. Ultimately we had a great time of sharing and had a fun day together.

We got the inspection report back on my house and they asked for some really petty stuff to be fixed. We fixed some - but not all - hopefully that will be good enough. The appraiser comes this week. One more hurdle. Please pray we don't have to lower the selling price any after that. My realtor was optimistic - but I am a little apprehensive - just feeling like Murphy is workin overtime right now - praying he isn't.

Guess we can only wait and see. Cross your fingers, say a prayer, send up some thoughts - we can use it all...

It feels like tomorrow should be Monday, but I'm so relieved we have another day to relax. :)

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Poll: Too girly a color?

We most likely are going to get a CR-V - this is the color the leasing agent is going to show us on Friday. I'm going to be the one driving the car most of the time because John has a work vehicle - but does anyone think this color is too girly a color?

Another spoiler??? GIG EM AGGIES!!

Even though the Aggies football program has been less than stellar in recent years, the Aggies still often manage to pull out the spoiler against those danged Longhorns. Let's do it again Aggies!! :) Not just for Aggie redemption - but so that Tech can rise up in the standings once again. I'm a proud Aggie - but also about to be a Red Raider fan by marriage. My sweet Johnny was so sad when Tech lost to OU last weekend. Let's see Oklahoma State kick some OU bootie this weekend and let's see the Aggies hang on and pull out this spoiler over Texas! Should make for some interesting football this weekend!! :)

Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today is my Dad's birthday. We are celebrating tomorrow since John and I are going to the in-laws tonight to be there for Thanksgiving lunch. My aunt and uncle came in town today for the holiday festivities. I'm going to try to remember the happy times and to be thankful for all the blessings I have to be thankful for. I still miss you Grandma. I wish you were here too! Hope all of my faithful stalkers readers have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families. Remember the things we have to be thankful for and who it is that we thank. I heard George Washington's speech on enacting Thanksgiving as a holiday. It was very moving and really makes you focus on the heart of the holiday.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Apt!!

We'll find out on Monday which one it will be. The current resident will help determine that for us. Kinda hoping for the 2br 2ba bc they would work a deal with us because it wasn't what we were looking for initially. Guess we will see on Monday!!

CRV or Rogue?

Looks like we are moving forward with getting a new car!! We will test drive both of these on Friday and possibly get it that day as well! I think I'm leaning more towards the CR-V based on how it holds its value and the features it comes with. Kinda scary that it is all moving so fast but exciting as well! First experience with going through a lease. I'm optimistic about how it will go through!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Moving on....

Change. That seemingly small word causes such a stir. It makes me happy, sad, stressed, anxious, relieved, scared, excited and thoughtful all at the same time. Here are the things on our plate at the moment:

-Thanksgiving. Normally my favorite time of year. This year - my sweet Grandma will not be here to celebrate with us. I'm still having a hard time accepting she is gone. I've been trying to understand why her death hit me so much harder than my other grandparents. I miss them terribly too. I think hers still hurts so much because it really came out of the blue and because there were so many disappointments associated with the timing of her death. Yes she was almost 90 but she wasn't sick - she still was in overall good health. Don't get me wrong - I'm glad she didn't suffer - but the sudden nature of it - still makes it feel like it happened yesterday in my heart. I miss her so much. I have a special tribute in mind though. I think she would have loved it. She and my Aunt and Uncle have come down to celebrate Thanksgiving with us for about the last 10 years. The last 3 of those Grandma has stayed for a few months after in what will definately be remembered as some of the most precious memories. We will be driving down to Athens on Wednesday to celebrate with John's family and head back this way to have dinner with mine.

-We are going to look at an apartment and possibly put a deposit down on one this evening. Pretty excited about this. 2br 1 bath - in a brand new building for a great deal and across the street from where we are now. Love me a fresh start!

-My house sells/closes on the 19th. What a huge relief that is!! We signed the offer and are proceeding with that. The inspector was supposed to go by today and what should he find but the water was disconnected. I called my former neighbors and they said the city was working on a water main and the water would be off most of the day! Of all days!! I hope we don't have to pay for a second inspection!!

-Before we go to Florida for Christmas, we knew we were going to have to either get my car fixed or get a new one. Well - the guy who usually gives me an employee discount doesn't work at the dealership anymore. It actually would be cheaper to get a new car/lease a new car than keep fixing this one. Lately it is always something with it. I talked with someone about a lease today. Pretty interested in pursuing that - even though you aren't building equity - I think right now it is the best way to get us in a reliable suv.

All these things are good things - but a lot of things to have swirling around in my mind right now. What is that song? I'm ready for a slow down...

Taylor is 1 month old today!!

I know I kind of spoiled this post by posting a few days earlier that she was almost 1 month old - but sweet little girl is officially 1 month old today!! Julie said she smiles now so I bet that is a lot of fun :) I absolutely cannot wait to meet her!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Offer pending

So....many of you know the last offer fell through. For whatever reason the lady flaked out and wouldn't even call her own agent back. Oh well. My realtor called me today and said someone new put an offer on it. We countered. There it stands for now. Join me in prayer that this offer will go through. They want to close on 12/19. Would be a WONDERFUL Christmas present!!

I'm sick

Ugh - I just want to be at home asleep in bed. I hate being all achy and sniffly.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Almost 1 month old!! Time flies!!

So beautiful!!
Sweet Lil Punk'n

She looks like Julie here.
Look at those adorable dimples!!

Just checkin it all out...
Sweet dreams (here she looks more like Doug)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 8th

Life is so unfair sometimes. One of my best friends lost her mom on Saturday. Saturday was also Grandma's birthday. I'm so sad for her. I know how devestated I still am at the loss of my Grandma. I just can't fathom losing your mom. It's not fair.

I met her just once at Bonnie's baby shower when she was pregnant with Maren. We were doing that silly game where you put a tennis ball in a pair of panty hose and tie it around your waist and use that to try to get another ball across the room. We did it in groups of 2 and her mom and I were a group.

My mom is going with me tomorrow to her funeral. She's so sweet to go all that way with me. It's a 3 hr drive and we are leaving at 7am. Yikes!

Keep Bonnie and her family in your prayers. Love you girl!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Face of an Angel

Isn't she beautiful? I absolutely love this picture. It is kinda funny too because it looks like her foot is up by her face and she is in some kind of contorted position but really those are socks on her hands to keep her from scratching up her beautiful little face. You can almost see those adorable dimples!! :) I can't wait until December when I can see this little miracle for myself!! :)

Uncertainty is the Only Certainty

Still waiting. My future is a big question mark.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History...Values have left the building

Wow. A day that will live in infamy. Kinda like Pearl Harbor... only this time it's an inside job.

Hopefully people will come to their senses and block his extremely liberal agenda one bill at a time. Aside from lowering taxes - what good does he promise to accomplish? He is right - anything is possible - or it was possible. The country that enabled him to rise this far is the very country he is trying to unravel.

God has a plan. Maybe it's kind of like when you let a child have his way so he learns the lesson the hard way. The only problem is - those of us who already get it - are punished too.

God, please help us. Protect us from socialism. Protect the babies who survive abortion attempts from Obama's support of infanticide. Protect those small business owners and those who were thinking of pursuing such an endeavor because now - they will be penalized greatly for their success. Protect us from the most liberal agenda to ever think about hitting the White House. Protect us from Obama's terrorist friends. Forgive those who put him in office. They know not what they have done.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Promises of a New Day

What a day this promises to be. Top on my priority list is finding out probably this afternoon about the pending counter offer on my condo. Hope to get that all wrapped up today. Praying hard that comes through!!

Other prayers go out for this historic election. I know God is in control no matter who takes office. I pray that whoever fills those shoes works to the benefit of our great country and not to the detriment of it. Kind of a nail biting day for me and for our country.

Many more thoughts on the subject I have - but I'll keep them to myself and just say another prayer.

Lord, protect us and this great nation. You know who will be the next President and you know the challenges that lie ahead. Help guide our country in the way it needs to go and protect it from those who intend to bring it destruction. In Jesus name, Amen

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday - still waiting...

Waiting waiting waiting. I just talked to the Realtor again. She said the buyer isn't stalling - just trying to get things in line. I'm chomping at the bit to get this in writing. The sooner we do that, the closer we are to getting it finalized. Please come back with an acceptance and soon!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Still waiting

We are still waiting on acceptance of the counter offer. My Realtor expects that we should hear something tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


We just got home from watching the Texas Tech/Texas game. Wow! It was amazing. So many key plays and when the clock was about to run out...and it looked like Texas would win...Tech scored an amazing touchdown. Texas was knocked off their high horse!! Wow!! A&M won today too! I miss the days when they had this kind of excitement. I know it was possible - they won the Big 12 when I was there! We watched the game with a couple of John's buddies that are Texas fans - how the moods shifted from John being sullen and pouty to them being sullen and pouty - all within just a few minutes....:) It was fun I have to admit!
Gig Em Ags :)
Wreck Em Tech :)

Dual Loyalties

Normally - our house is divided on Football Saturdays.... John is a Red Raider (Texas Tech) and I of course am an Aggie (Texas A&M) (though it would be much more fun if the Aggies could get their football program to be a little more competitive....)

But today....we are all on the same team hoping that Tech beats the everloving stuffing out of University of Texas.

Go Red Raiders!! Saw 'em off!!


I got an offer on my condo last night!! We are countering this morning and hope to have a contract sometime today. Please pray it through with me!! I'm so excited! I just hope it pulls through!