Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving, New Car, and Home Repairs

Yay!! We got the car that was in the previous post and we just LOVE it!! Very glad that we opted to do this. The lease thing may not work all the time in life - but at this juncture - it was the best option. It's comfy, roomy, and cute - and gets GREAT gas mileage! What more could you ask for?

Thanksgiving was fun spending time with both John's and my families. Time seemed too short as always. I was trying to be in keeping with the spirit of the holiday and suggested we go around the table and tell something we are thankful about. Invariably Grandma was mentioned which brought about boo-hooing. Ultimately we had a great time of sharing and had a fun day together.

We got the inspection report back on my house and they asked for some really petty stuff to be fixed. We fixed some - but not all - hopefully that will be good enough. The appraiser comes this week. One more hurdle. Please pray we don't have to lower the selling price any after that. My realtor was optimistic - but I am a little apprehensive - just feeling like Murphy is workin overtime right now - praying he isn't.

Guess we can only wait and see. Cross your fingers, say a prayer, send up some thoughts - we can use it all...

It feels like tomorrow should be Monday, but I'm so relieved we have another day to relax. :)

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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