Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Promises of a New Day

What a day this promises to be. Top on my priority list is finding out probably this afternoon about the pending counter offer on my condo. Hope to get that all wrapped up today. Praying hard that comes through!!

Other prayers go out for this historic election. I know God is in control no matter who takes office. I pray that whoever fills those shoes works to the benefit of our great country and not to the detriment of it. Kind of a nail biting day for me and for our country.

Many more thoughts on the subject I have - but I'll keep them to myself and just say another prayer.

Lord, protect us and this great nation. You know who will be the next President and you know the challenges that lie ahead. Help guide our country in the way it needs to go and protect it from those who intend to bring it destruction. In Jesus name, Amen

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ALICIA said...

I stole your little election thing off your blog & put it on mine. I like that.