Monday, November 24, 2008

Moving on....

Change. That seemingly small word causes such a stir. It makes me happy, sad, stressed, anxious, relieved, scared, excited and thoughtful all at the same time. Here are the things on our plate at the moment:

-Thanksgiving. Normally my favorite time of year. This year - my sweet Grandma will not be here to celebrate with us. I'm still having a hard time accepting she is gone. I've been trying to understand why her death hit me so much harder than my other grandparents. I miss them terribly too. I think hers still hurts so much because it really came out of the blue and because there were so many disappointments associated with the timing of her death. Yes she was almost 90 but she wasn't sick - she still was in overall good health. Don't get me wrong - I'm glad she didn't suffer - but the sudden nature of it - still makes it feel like it happened yesterday in my heart. I miss her so much. I have a special tribute in mind though. I think she would have loved it. She and my Aunt and Uncle have come down to celebrate Thanksgiving with us for about the last 10 years. The last 3 of those Grandma has stayed for a few months after in what will definately be remembered as some of the most precious memories. We will be driving down to Athens on Wednesday to celebrate with John's family and head back this way to have dinner with mine.

-We are going to look at an apartment and possibly put a deposit down on one this evening. Pretty excited about this. 2br 1 bath - in a brand new building for a great deal and across the street from where we are now. Love me a fresh start!

-My house sells/closes on the 19th. What a huge relief that is!! We signed the offer and are proceeding with that. The inspector was supposed to go by today and what should he find but the water was disconnected. I called my former neighbors and they said the city was working on a water main and the water would be off most of the day! Of all days!! I hope we don't have to pay for a second inspection!!

-Before we go to Florida for Christmas, we knew we were going to have to either get my car fixed or get a new one. Well - the guy who usually gives me an employee discount doesn't work at the dealership anymore. It actually would be cheaper to get a new car/lease a new car than keep fixing this one. Lately it is always something with it. I talked with someone about a lease today. Pretty interested in pursuing that - even though you aren't building equity - I think right now it is the best way to get us in a reliable suv.

All these things are good things - but a lot of things to have swirling around in my mind right now. What is that song? I'm ready for a slow down...

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