Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 8th

Life is so unfair sometimes. One of my best friends lost her mom on Saturday. Saturday was also Grandma's birthday. I'm so sad for her. I know how devestated I still am at the loss of my Grandma. I just can't fathom losing your mom. It's not fair.

I met her just once at Bonnie's baby shower when she was pregnant with Maren. We were doing that silly game where you put a tennis ball in a pair of panty hose and tie it around your waist and use that to try to get another ball across the room. We did it in groups of 2 and her mom and I were a group.

My mom is going with me tomorrow to her funeral. She's so sweet to go all that way with me. It's a 3 hr drive and we are leaving at 7am. Yikes!

Keep Bonnie and her family in your prayers. Love you girl!

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