Friday, May 22, 2009

What happens when Texans see snow!!

This was our last night and following morning in Tahoe...We were so excited that we got to experience the snowfall! John even had to dig our car out of the snow!! So fun!! Glad it's not an every day event - but it was so fun and sooo beautiful!! Just made our honeymoon even more magical!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Like Sands Through the Hourglass...

It is amazing how quickly time passes! The last year has been a whirlwind! We have been married for 2 months. I'm pregnant. My niece is 7 months old and has 6 teeth and can crawl backwards. :) My parents are finally able to enjoy the fruits of their remodeling. I'm almost about to celebrate my 2 year anniversary both dating John and working at my job. We get our wedding pictures back on Sunday. I absolutely cannot wait to see them and our video! I remember people saying that day - just take time to take it all in. I think that in the whirlwind of a day - I still experienced it all. I remember how I felt as I was getting ready. I remember how I felt when I was waiting to go in - so overwhelmed - but I didn't want to cry... The little church was packed. I couldn't see John until I rounded the corner. Some said he was teary. I was almost giddy. So many thoughts running through my head...this is it....we are getting MARRIED NOW!!....these stupid shoes are killing my feet...I hope I don't fall....gosh I love him....he looks so handsome.....I wonder who all is out my train straight? Kinda like what Mel Gibson was experiencing in What Women Want....:) I don't think we truly relaxed until we were on the plane to Tahoe. The wedding reception kind of had a flow of it's own. Perhaps if it was an evening wedding it might have had a more relaxed feel but we still had so much fun! Walking through the door for the first time - the room full of people standing and cheering for us! It was such a surreal feeling. We had to wind our way to the dance floor. The reception was a blast.....John dropping cake down inside my with friends we hadn't seen in forever...the limbo...the train...and even that horrendous song that the dj played - we made the best of it and had fun! After the wedding we went back to Mom and Dads...and they had Tino's catered in...YUM!! We stayed at the Marriott in Plano off of the Tollway and Spring Creek the first night. We wouldn't tell anyone til after to avoid any pranksters. We weren't used to such fancy accommodations. They upgraded us to a suite. Well - how were we supposed to know that this suite - had 2 doors with the same room number on them. John went to go check out our key with the front desk while I stood with the luggage in the hall pulling all the 500 bobby pins out of my hair! How funny to know that we just had to walk down a few more steps to get to the correct door. We got up the next morning to go have breakfast with the fam before heading to the airport. We flew first class - so the way to travel!! :) I had a mimosa on the plane. We read all the wish bowl wishes from our guests. We were both so exhausted that we crashed. When we were trying to land - the pilot hit a wind sheer and lifted the plane back into the air. We circled around Reno and then tried to land again. That was absolutely terrifying. I'll have to post about all the fun stuff that we did on the honeymoon (the g rated version :) ) another time....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can you see the baby?

We ended up having an ultrasound at our apt yesterday. Baby is healthy and wiggled as if to get away from the ultrasound. Baby's hand waved as well. We have an official sono next week with the technician. God is so awesome!! If you can't see the baby in the picture - the ultrasound is turned on end - head at top with the baby in a seated position with his/her legs scrunched up. :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sportin a new 'do'

I knew that I wanted to chop off my long hair. I didn't plan on it going this short. When I went to the salon yesterday she said that if I was willing to do 10 inches, I could make a donation to Locks of Love. Since in all likelihood, I will never have hair long enough to where I could cut off 10 inches and still have it look decent, I decided to go the extra couple inches and donate it. I probably will settle on a length an inch or two longer than this but my hair grows so fast and being pregnant might go even faster. It's still long enough to pull in a little ponytail, so all is good. Whatcha think?