Thursday, January 29, 2009

18 months!!

John and I have been together 18 months as of today. How time flies! 44 days until the wedding!! 3 more days of moving then we are all done!! Yay!! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Icy Mix Through Wednesday!!

I just heard there is icy mix expected through Wednesday. Ugh. I have just gotten over being sick. From 70 degrees to 30 degrees and back again. Normally, I'm all about winter - but we have too much to do!! The only good thing possibly - (for the work we have to do - not for John) is that John's softball might be postponed tomorrow.

Spinning in Circles

What a whirlwind of a weekend!!

We took Friday evening off - which perhaps we shouldn't have - but John won that one. We went to dinner and then to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop. It was funny - kind of in an I Love Lucy way where sometimes you want to just step in and stop the humiliation - but it was an enjoyable movie.

Saturday, I had my dress fitting. The lady doing the alterations kind of looks like Whoopi Goldberg. She is a trip. I was about to do some major flipping out though because she got 2 drops of blood on my dress from opening the box that my dress came in with a razor blade. Luckily she had a solvent that took it all out - can't even tell that it was there. Lucky!! I love my dress. Wish I looked different in the dress - but nonetheless - here we are and that's what we have to work with. I have to make a trip over to the Maddox shop this week to get some wedding unmentionables customized for the dress. Can you believe that the alterations were almost as much as the dress??! Yikes!! I'm so glad I got flip flops for the reception. The pretty heels I bought to wear for the wedding really are just for the pictures. After standing in them for about 30 minutes while we decided what to do with my dress my feet were about to revolt. I can see it now. I'll be up at the altar supposed to be thinking about this wonderful man who is about to become my husband and all I will be able to focus on is when I can get out of these heels.

After the fitting it was time to get serious. We spent the rest of the day packing up stuff at Johns. We went over Sunday before church and Sunday after church to work on it some more.
We put linoleum on the floor on top of the carpet in the cats' room - to make for easier cleanup with the little terrors. That linoleom was quite the pain. Yes - that is why it is not supposed to be set on top of carpet - I realize this. I wish I had a video camera to capture my parents, John and me trying to keep this silly covering against the walls. My wish is to have the new apt settled by the wedding so we don't have to come home and deal with all this moving clutter. Once it is all in one apt - we can work on getting it a little more organized. We both have donated and purged so much stuff. Why were we keeping it????

I'm hoping that we can possibly be ready to move into a house by our first anniversary if not soon after. No, I can't fathom packing and moving AGAIN but hopefully that time would be for at least the next 5-10 years if not longer. They are building a new subdivision right behind the airport. I would love to be able to move into a new house. How awesome would that be?? Waiting and hoping and wishing and praying.....

Friday, January 23, 2009

First Dress Fitting Tomorrow!!

I have my first gown fitting tomorrow morning!! Kind of excited and kind of anxious. 50 days! Yikes!! Not nervous about the marriage - just nervous about all the stuff that has to be done before we get to that point!! At least I'm finally feeling human again. Let's hope this weekend will be a productive one:

-First dress fitting

-Get everything moved from John's apt

-Get stuff situated with apartment people. They are trying to mess with us and I'm really irritated over it. Hopefully we can come to a resolution.

-Get apartment a little bit more unpacked and settled.

We only have this weekend so I don't know how unpacked we will get - but I'm tired of living in a state of chaos with half unpacked boxes everywhere.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Days Are Here Again!!

Lost has returned!! So very exciting. My goodness! And did it start off with a bang last night!!! Season 5 is going to be an exciting one!! Any other Lost finatics out there? Someone said that this is going to be the season of Sawyer. Whohoo!! :) He makes me smile.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Almost 3 months old!!

Just like Daddy

I need a nap!!

What you lookin' at Minnie?

Such a cutie! Look at all those bubbles!

Yup I'm cute and I know it so there!
I can't believe this little angel is almost 3 months old on Saturday!! Time sure flies!! She coos all the time when I call to talk to Julie like she thinks Julie is talking to her the whole time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This and That

Ugh - a week later and I'm still sick!! I stayed home Wed and Thurs and relaxed/packed most of the weekend so you would think I would have had ample time to get this out of my system. Nope. Voice is still week and my throat is stilll sore :(

John is so sweet. He got all up in arms because someone I don't even know sent a nasty message on our wedding site. I really don't have the energy to care but he was getting all protective on me. It's sweet.

Obama was inaugurated today. Though I did not vote for him, I'm intererested to see where it leads. I hope he doesnt pass some of the more liberal stuff he talks about and that he is able to positively affect the US Economy.

My dress should come in today. We got our printers/scanners hooked up so I can start scanning family/John's pictures for the wedding. It's going to be hard to narrow it down.

I am so tired - need a nap...

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm over it

I'm so over feeling like this. Really. The very next day after I got over whatever stomach bug/food poisoning I had - I got sick. I had to take off work 2 days. :( I haven't done that - maybe ever. Have you ever been so sick that even your hair hurt? I have very little voice and still have a lump in my throat. I made it into work today but need a nap. My energy levels are very low despite the coffee I got at lunch.

My wedding dress is supposed to arrive today. You'd think I'd be more excited. I'm just tired. I'm glad it's here. I can't wait to try it on - but I need to buy undergarments and I need to get it altered. It's being here just represents the next whirlwind that needs to start spinning.

I have my shoes so that's a plus right? I need to schedule a hair trial. I need to pick out a veil. I need to start making my programs etc. But what I really want is a nap.

John is on call this weekend. I hope he doesn't get many calls so he can help me pack his place. 3 weekends to get it all moved. Well - really 2 weekends to move - 1 to clean. That means the felines will finally make the move. Did I mention I need a nap?

So many things to do - so little time.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tummy hurts

I have just not been feeling well the past few days. I'm thinking food poisoning - but shouldn't that be done by now? Maybe it isn't such a good thing that we discovered the only Bennigan's left in the DFW area....Ugh...I'm tired of feeling icky.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!

With this grand entrance into 2009, I figured I would update my 101 goals in 1001 days to see what progress has been made:

My 101 in 1001:

For Myself:
1) Read 2 classic books (0/2)
2) Get a massage (0/1)
3) Change my hair design (0/1 - will be changing soon after the wedding though)
4) Get nails again (0/1 - soon to come for all the wedding hoopla)
5) Get my rings cleaned once a month (4/4 - clean at home almost weekly - probably need to make a trip to Jared soon to have it professionaly cleaned)
6) go to dinner with friends 3 times a month (4/4)
7) Go to the dentist (0/0 - on the to do list for 2009!)
8) Get a new car (Success!! - we got a new Honda CR-V in November)
9) Laugh daily (Always! :))
10) Create pre and post wedding scrapbooks (0/2 - someday)
11) Go to a Dallas Cowboys game (0/0)
12) Go to a Bed and Breakfast (0/0)
13) Buy a new purse (0/0)
14) Buy elfa shelving and become organized (well - we havn't bought elfa shelving - but we are in the process of getting organized in the new apt!)
15) Buy 3 new bras (0/0)
16) Host a dinner party (0/0)

For my health:
17) Work out 4 times a week (working on it)
18) Go to Chiropractor (Not as often as I should - but I go regularly)
19) Visit the Dentist (Didn't I already mention this - it is on the to do list for 2009)
20) Put on Sun screen during the summer (Wasn't out in the sun really this summer)
21) Cook healthy meals (Check)
22) Keep house clean (After it gets organized and past the move in phase - it will be)

For our love:
23) Have a date night at least once a month (check)
24) Sit down for at least an hour each night (check)
25) Take a vacation once a year (Tahoe in March baby!)
26) Work out together (working on it)
27) Cook a meal together (Eh - usually it's me cooking)
28) Watch 2 movies; One for him, one for me. (we do this all the time)
29) Always kiss goodnight (check)
30) Take an "us" picture once a month (hmmm - we have not done this - maybe we'll start after the wedding)

For our home:
31) Purchase a king size bed - probably not a soon to be purchase
32) Clean the sink every day (Flylady) (not yet)
33) Light a fire during the winter (our fireplace is sooo tiny - we barely fit the candalbra in there)
34) Decorate for every holiday (we'll start after we are organized)
35) Purchase stainless steel appliances (when we get in a house)
36) Plant a garden (when we get in a house)
37) Hang our pictures on the wall (after we finish moving in)
38) Take our shoes off before walking on the carpet (we do this now)
39) Spring cleaning every year (still in the process of - I'm so anti clutter now it is amazing)
40) Hang fabric stylish curtains ( when new house is purchased)

For our wedding:
41) Complete wedding day projects (I am so behind - I need to start!!)
42) Pick a Bakery (check)
43) Pick a Limo company (we are driving away in our new car)
44) Update guest list (check)
45) Purchase honeymoon outfits (to do)
46) Purchase Guest book platter (check)
47) Get married (68 days!!)

For my family:

47) Dinner at least twice a month (check)
48) Call once a week (check)
49) Write letters/emails to cousins who live far away (need to do)
50) Make a personalized birthday card (need to do)
51) Play with the cats (missing my cats - they are waiting to transition to the new apt)

For my Finances:
52) Pay off debt (working on it!!)
53) Start Emergency Fund (when the last check comes in from the closing)
54) Have a garage sale (ugh - no thank you)
55) Set up funds for future kids (tbd)
56) Set up fun savings account (tbd)

For my Hobby:
57) Cook 1 new recipe once a week (working on it)
58) After married - learn to sew
59) Take 20 random photographs of funny street names - after married
60) Design 10 new necklace/earring sets - after married
61) Take a cooking class - after married
62) Explore Etsy as a business - after married

For my Soul
63) Spring cleaning - donate to battered women shelter or goodwill
64) Get involved in program at church - after married
65) Journal - daily or weekly - check
66) Do Devotional and Bible Study - need to be more diligent
67) Decorate - working on it

For my Brain:
67) Learn Italian - after married
68) Learn more about Adobe Photoshop -after married
69) Learn to budget - check
70) Write poetry - writers block
71) Buy an Interior design book, then pick out one design and create it - picked out the book
72) Go to bed before 11pm - do most nights
73) Work on keeping certifications current - need to update one

For my Future:
74) Revise will and beneficiary - after married
75) Reassess Life Insurance needs - after married
76) Vote at presidential election - check
77) Continue workouts (4x a week) until goal is reached - working on it
78) Change all light bulbs to energy efficient - working on it
79) Do Laundry so it doesn't pile up -check
79) Have a baby - after married
80) Go through all documents and only save those needed - working on it

For the Blog:
81) Blog about everything wedding related - a little slow - but note things as they come up
82) Take pictures of all my DIY projects. During and after completed - kinda slow on the draw on DIY stuff
83) Continue blogging after the wedding
84) Blog about everything on this list
85) Blog about decorating - check

For the Randomness:
86) Buy a new jacket every winter - check
87) Clean the shower once a week for a whole month - moved -
88) Buy a new piece of furniture every 6 months - after wedding
89) Buy new car - did in November
90) Keep house organized - working on it
91) Have a lazy weekend - what is that?
92) Visit the in-laws - need to do more
93) Take an aerobics class - working on it
94) Wash my car once a month - check
95) Get my oil changed on time - its getting about that time
96) Get rid of the clutter - working on it
97) Go to an Aggie football game - maybe next year
98) Go to a Tech football game - maybe next year
99) Wear jewelry more often - working on it
100) Host a party - after we are settled
101) Visit my sister and family - we got to see the baby!! :)

Begin Date: Wednesday September 10th, 2008
End Date: June 22, 2011

Follow me on this journey....It's going to be quite a ride!!!