Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm over it

I'm so over feeling like this. Really. The very next day after I got over whatever stomach bug/food poisoning I had - I got sick. I had to take off work 2 days. :( I haven't done that - maybe ever. Have you ever been so sick that even your hair hurt? I have very little voice and still have a lump in my throat. I made it into work today but need a nap. My energy levels are very low despite the coffee I got at lunch.

My wedding dress is supposed to arrive today. You'd think I'd be more excited. I'm just tired. I'm glad it's here. I can't wait to try it on - but I need to buy undergarments and I need to get it altered. It's being here just represents the next whirlwind that needs to start spinning.

I have my shoes so that's a plus right? I need to schedule a hair trial. I need to pick out a veil. I need to start making my programs etc. But what I really want is a nap.

John is on call this weekend. I hope he doesn't get many calls so he can help me pack his place. 3 weekends to get it all moved. Well - really 2 weekends to move - 1 to clean. That means the felines will finally make the move. Did I mention I need a nap?

So many things to do - so little time.

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