Friday, October 31, 2008


Did you?

Waiting Impatiently

Got a call last night. Made my day. Got my hopes up. Supposedly I'll have an answer tonight. Until then - just anxiously waiting. Praying. Hoping. Planning. Praying some more. Trusting that God provides. I'll post this evening or tomorrow when I know more. I couldn't fall asleep easily last night. A million thoughts kept running through my head about how this possibility could impact me/us. Praying I'm not disappointed. Tick Tock Tick Tock..... Pray with me please.


Two minor earthquakes shook the Dallas-Fort Worth area overnight, waking residents, setting off car alarms and spooking pets. But no major damage was reported.

The U.S. Geological Survey says a 2.5-magnitude earthquake centered in the Grand Prairie area was reported at 11:25 p.m. Thursday. A slightly stronger 3.0-magnitude quake centered in the Irving area occurred 36 minutes later.
Law enforcement agencies across northern Texas said they received some 911 calls from concerned residents but no reports of damage.
Irving police spokesman David Tull said his agency received about 25 calls around midnight from people inquiring about the vibrations, which set off car and building alarms.
Grand Prairie and Fort Worth officials also reported no damage. "We just learned about it on the news this morning,” said Dawn Atkins, a Grand Prairie emergency dispatcher.
USGS geophysicist Randy Baldwin said the quakes, which lasted only a few seconds, most likely felt "like a lightly loaded truck passing by, kind of a sharp jerk and then a rapid vibration."
Irving resident Christine Laughland said she was sleeping when the earthquake woke her up. She's from California and wasn't too shocked by the vibrations. But she couldn't say the same thing for her dogs.
“They were barking hysterically because it was their first one,” she said.
Randy Owens, a Starbucks employee in Grand Prairie, said he didn't feel it but that it was the buzz among his customers this morning. "Many were saying they were surprised they didn't feel anything," he said.
Reports of the quake also came from Dallas, Euless and Hurst and Fort Worth, Mr. Baldwin said. Aftershocks could last several days. There is also a possibility of more smaller quakes in the coming days that no one would likely feel.

By ARLINDA ARRIAGA / The Dallas Morning News

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How Our Family Has Changed....

Here is a compilation of pictures of our family through the years. The most recent addition being Miss Taylor Morgan Hart. Am I a proud auntie or what? :) So much fun....So much fun lies ahead too...Loving the memories....

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dream Nursery

Did I mention I had baby fever?

Of course any boy's room would have to be sports related. I kinda like the first picture better than the Cowboys one unless you could do the Cowboys set a little cuter.

I love these color combinations for a girl. John hates brown so that is out - but all of these colors are so fun!! :) I would have a ball decorating it!!

I love this kind of glider for the nursery. Functional and comfy!!

Dream Play Rooms

It would be fun to have a designated play room. Isn't this wooden kitchen set adorable? Maybe once we have the space John and I can try to tackle something like that. OBVIOUSLY there is not a need right now lol - just saying - maybe when we have the space the need will be there ;-)

Dream Laundry Rooms

Now some may think - who dreams of laundry rooms - but really - everyone has one - so having one that is as spacious and functional as these are would be fabulous!!!! I would love to have hanging space in the laundry room!!

Wouldn't this be cute to either paint on the wall or have hanging on the wall somehow?

Kickin it up a notch

138 days. 19 weeks 5 days. 2 big holidays. I've been working on it - but need to step it up a notch or 2 or 3. I wish that healthy food was as cheap as unhealthy food. We do the Isagenix shakes for breakfast and eat sensibly calorie wise - but we aren't eating the kinds of things we would be eating if I had the money to go buy fresh fruit and veggies all the time from Central Market. Just need to stay focused and increase the exercise portion. I'm cutting out sodas - even diet ones as of tomorrow. Water, water, water....maybe some coffee and tea thrown in for variety. Maybe after the wedding I can drink coffee more regularly - but I don't to make my teeth any less white for the wedding.

Beautiful little Taylor has given me baby fever. 4 1/2 months till the wedding - then - who knows - maybe we will have a bundle of joy next year or the year after. I need to be a lot further along on my goals before that becomes a reality...but I really don't want to wait. What a paradox. The only common factor is me stepping up my pace to really escalate my weight loss as much as possible.

John is so funny - he wants to have an even number of kids - so it's either 2 or 4 - I'm shooting for 4. I absolutely cannot wait - though after Julie's struggles - maybe I'm not as sure as I thought I was on the whole doing it natural thing. Will need to do more research....

What a year of changes - some very bad - some very good. More good changes to come...

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Niece is HERE!!!

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?? From this angle she looks like Julie did as a baby. I can't wait to meet her!!

Taylor Morgan Hart was born today at 12:04 pm weighing in at 7 lbs 2 oz and is 19.5 inches long. She has dark hair and dimples. Mommy and baby are doing fine. Poor Julie is in a lot of pain and is sleeping now. I wish I was there. Sigh...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whiny employees

I'm over it. I really am. You are adults. Please act accordingly.

Real life gets in the way sometimes...

No baby yet. We drove home yesterday. Very sad (wish I could have stayed). Very tired (we got home after 1am). Glad tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully we will have a happy, healthy mommy and baby soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We have some contractions

Julie had been having some contractions today and wasn't feeling very good. She felt like it would be pretty soon...but so far...nothing. I'm praying we are woken up in the middle of the night because we have to leave tomorrow morning :( I know there will be lots of time to love on her but I just wanted so badly to be here....Maybe we will be in for a sleepless night...tear....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Watch Continues...

No baby yet....sigh....I'm glad we came but I'm hoping that she delivers before we have to go home on Wednesday. Very sad I will be if I have to go home before she delivers. Sigh....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life's Ebbs and Flows

Yesterday we just had some sad news. One of my cousins and his wife were planning to adopt a 6 month old little boy from Vietnam. They found out yesterday that he passed away. They were so eagerly anticipating his arrival and are just completely devestated. Please keep them in your prayers. They were in the final stages of waiting for him to be ready to come live with them so they basically already considered him their son and are grieving as such. I pray that they feel the Lord's arms wrapped around them during this trying time....

On a happier note..Julie has another dr appt tomorrow... We are planning to head to Pcola on Saturday if all goes according to planned. Life is funny - it's full of hills and valleys and the birth of a new baby is just a reminder that there is always hope.

No more lurking! :)

It's time to speak up faithful readers!! Show some love and leave some comments. I know you are out there!! :) I can see you!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Rambling (Wo)man

Another week has flown by. This was a whirlwind of stuff at work mixed with resuming our pre-marital counseling mixed with making wedding plans and anticipting the arrival of my niece.

This weekend - we have a cake testing with a different bakery. Then I'm moved on to a candle party at some friends house - then I really want to try to load some of my cds into itunes and sell them back to cd warehouse.

I sold a couple items on eBay and re-listed the rest. Those items that sold I need to get ready to ship.

Maybe we can go back to the storage unit and look for more items to get rid of or sell.

I found the apartments that I want to move into. It's literally across the street from where John lives now but so much nicer. Plus - no power lines surrounding the complex - just a safety precaution.

John's boss is on vacation next week. I'm hoping that my little niece can hold off a few days so that John can make the trip with me. For one reason - he really really wants to go - and for a second reason - that's sure a long drive by myself....Worth it - yes!! but long just the same.

I'm tired. This morning I got up early to take my car to the dealership. I still haven't heard from them. I hope whatever it is that needs to be fixed won't be very expensive.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Check Check Check

We picked out the tuxes that John, the groomsmen, ushers, and fathers will wear. Going to look pretty sharp, they are!

Yesterday I reserved a block of hotel rooms with the help of my good friend John C. and his Marriott colleague Mark. Very excited about the price and the service!

While I was messing with those hotel reservations, I happened to remember that I had some Marriott points saved up - so.....I reserved our wedding night hotel room for FREE!! :) Can't beat that, can ya?

I wish there were more freebies out there!! :)

Dear eBay

Dear eBay

I know we have had our issues in the past. I'm willing to overlook that to see if we can salvage our relationship. I currently have 6 items listed to sell. Please help them to have higher selling prices than I imagined. Thank you.

Former eBay franchisee

Monday, October 6, 2008

Someone has a case of the Mondays

Well - I was sadly disappointed with my runner. The paint I got was too hard and I didn't like the outcome at all. It was bumpy, too dark, and just didn't look like I imagined. If it doesn't look like I purchased it, then I don't want to use it. I guess that's a bit of the perfectionist in me. I went to Michaels yesterday and bought some softer, brighter paints. Sometime when I get the will up to do it again, I'll try again. I suggested not doing it at all but John didn't like that idea. I didn't know he was that into it to begin with. I think he felt bad for all the work I put into it and he could tell I was upset about it. Not the end of the world....just frustrating.

We did get something wedding related accomplished this weekend - we registered for the guy's tuxes.

I also grabbed a bunch of stuff from my storage unit that I am going to attempt to sell. Speaking of selling - I hope I get a positive update this week about my house.....It was a beautiful weekend - people should have been out and about house hunting!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not as easy as it looks

Well it took me about 4 hours just to trace the whole monogram and just paint the M. I'm not that thrilled with the way it looks. The blue is too dark. The paint bleeds outside the lines. I lined it with a black Sharpie and it looks a little better - but I dunno. We'll see how it looks when the whole thing is done. We may just go runner-less. Sigh...Maybe I'm not as crafy as I thought :(

It's Aisle Runner Time!!

I'm about to go to Kinkos to print out my monogram so I can paint it on my aisle runner. Hopefully I can do as good a job as HeatherKJ. So off I go!! I'll take pictures throughout the process - but probably will post them all together. Stay tuned!!!