Monday, October 27, 2008

Kickin it up a notch

138 days. 19 weeks 5 days. 2 big holidays. I've been working on it - but need to step it up a notch or 2 or 3. I wish that healthy food was as cheap as unhealthy food. We do the Isagenix shakes for breakfast and eat sensibly calorie wise - but we aren't eating the kinds of things we would be eating if I had the money to go buy fresh fruit and veggies all the time from Central Market. Just need to stay focused and increase the exercise portion. I'm cutting out sodas - even diet ones as of tomorrow. Water, water, water....maybe some coffee and tea thrown in for variety. Maybe after the wedding I can drink coffee more regularly - but I don't to make my teeth any less white for the wedding.

Beautiful little Taylor has given me baby fever. 4 1/2 months till the wedding - then - who knows - maybe we will have a bundle of joy next year or the year after. I need to be a lot further along on my goals before that becomes a reality...but I really don't want to wait. What a paradox. The only common factor is me stepping up my pace to really escalate my weight loss as much as possible.

John is so funny - he wants to have an even number of kids - so it's either 2 or 4 - I'm shooting for 4. I absolutely cannot wait - though after Julie's struggles - maybe I'm not as sure as I thought I was on the whole doing it natural thing. Will need to do more research....

What a year of changes - some very bad - some very good. More good changes to come...

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