Friday, October 10, 2008

Rambling (Wo)man

Another week has flown by. This was a whirlwind of stuff at work mixed with resuming our pre-marital counseling mixed with making wedding plans and anticipting the arrival of my niece.

This weekend - we have a cake testing with a different bakery. Then I'm moved on to a candle party at some friends house - then I really want to try to load some of my cds into itunes and sell them back to cd warehouse.

I sold a couple items on eBay and re-listed the rest. Those items that sold I need to get ready to ship.

Maybe we can go back to the storage unit and look for more items to get rid of or sell.

I found the apartments that I want to move into. It's literally across the street from where John lives now but so much nicer. Plus - no power lines surrounding the complex - just a safety precaution.

John's boss is on vacation next week. I'm hoping that my little niece can hold off a few days so that John can make the trip with me. For one reason - he really really wants to go - and for a second reason - that's sure a long drive by myself....Worth it - yes!! but long just the same.

I'm tired. This morning I got up early to take my car to the dealership. I still haven't heard from them. I hope whatever it is that needs to be fixed won't be very expensive.

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