Thursday, March 12, 2009

2 days!! The Wedding that Almost Wasn't!!

Only 2 more days!! What a deal!! Yesterday was such a tornado of a day!! Oh my goodness! In addition to the hustle and bustle of trying to wrap up things at work - I happened to be looking at the website to get the marriage license address as we were going to go pick this up on Friday when we were both off work. Well - I hadn't remembered from looking at the site previously that you had a 3 day waiting period which meant - we HAD to get it yesterday or we couldn't get married this Saturday!! Yes, John was less than thrilled at my oversight, but we went down to the office and got it all taken care of so we can officially be married on Saturday. Praise the Lord that I went on that site yesterday and not today or tomorrow!!

My sister came in town last night so got to love on the baby a little. She is so adorable. Julie brought pics of Doug as a baby and she is the spitting image of him. Too funny. She showed off her rolling over trick and had some laughs before it was bedtime for the little punkin.

Today will be a busy day...The real final fitting at 9:30, hair at 11, nails this afternoon, have to take guest bags to the hotels this afternoon and finish up wedding paper products. Cutting the silly program paper will take the most time because this batch didn't line up as smoothly as the first 100 for some reason. Family starts coming in tonight....and we have a big dinner planned at mom and dad's with whoever is here. It's getting really real!! :) Yay!!!

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