Friday, December 12, 2008

Crazy Dallas Drivers and Stupid Motorola Phones

So I'm driving on the access road at lunch today and this idiot who is driving through the construction blockade to try to turn left at the light (HELLO GENIUS! That is why they have all these orange cones diverting traffict away from that area!) When he is like a carlength away from the light he realizes his moronic behavior and swerves sharply into my lane causing me to swerve sharply into the right lane. If I had not been alert or there had been a car to my right - it would have been a very bad accident because he would have smashed right into my driver's door while he was accelerating. Not only would I have been badly hurt but my poor little 2 week old car would have had some major repair work. It literally made my heart jump in my chest and I started getting teary and had to try to catch my breath after that. Thank you God for preventing a major catastrophe!!

I have the worst luck with cell phones - especially Motorola cell phones. When I went to bed last night - I had 2 battery cells. When I woke up this morning - it was dead. It wouldn't respond to the car charger. It wouldn't respond to the wall charger. I took the battery out.....put the battery back in. Nothing. I knew this one was having some issues - a couple of the buttons had fallen off - but it still worked and it was going to last until after next week. What bad timing is it to not have a cell phone when it is a week away from the closing on my house!! Grr - This is the 2nd Motorola Q I've had since the initial contract. The last one just died as well. I think it's time to go back to LG or Samsung. They make good phones. I loved my LG - sigh - this is ridiculous.

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