Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Moving Week!!

This weekend went by really fast. John had to work Friday night, which I didn't know until last minute - so I spent a quiet evening home alone relaxing. Saturday we went through some stuff at my storage unit. I found a couple more things I am going to try to sell on eBay and found 3 or 4 boxes that will either be for the combined yard sale with my parents and me or for donation. I know there are more to go through. The only stuff that will be going with us onto the next juncture in life will be stuff that has a purpose.

The apartment we are going to move into is almost as big as my condo, which will be nice. I'm getting excited. 6 more days!! I believe we can go look at it tomorrow. It's going to be a crazy weekend. Friday I imagine we will be getting some stuff together at the house...renting the UHaul on Saturday morning. John has choir practice until noon on Saturday. After that we will begin to load all the boxes and furniture into the uhaul and drive it to Irving. Everything is pretty much packed except for the decorative stuff we left out for staging. We still have John's apt through the end of January so we have that luxury of taking our time to get things loaded from there. That's good - because we always get sidetracked when we start talking about getting his house packed up.

I think I am going to try my hand at re-finishing John's end tables and coffee table to try to make some of the wear and tear a little more palatable for a while. :) We will be able to fit most of our furniture in the new apt. The only furniture that won't go is furniture that we agree we will not use again. Ultimately we will probably replace all but 2 or 3 pieces - but that will be over the long haul. We'll get a slip cover for the couch and make that a little more up to date looking. Best of all - I think there will be a place for everything. Yes we will be using the 2nd bedroom for storage boxes - but I don't think it will have to be a cluttered storage - at least that is my vision for it! :)

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