Thursday, December 18, 2008

A little nostalgic

We loaded up the last few items from my condo last night. After all the boxes were in the car, I went back inside, sat on the stairs, shed a few tears, and just sat wrapped in the nostalgia of it all. Lots happened in the time span I lived there. Jen and I moved in a few weeks before 9/11. Job changes. Life changes. Love changes. It was the first house I purchased. It's where I lived for most of my 20's. It's where I was living when I met my Johnny. I'm not sad about moving forward - quite the contrary - but you have to take the chance to remember and properly say goodbye, right? I think it is a single lady that is moving into it. I hope it will be a great place for her to live too. Tomorrow afternoon my Melrose Place will become part of the past. Let's take a moment. Ok - now let's party!!!

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