Thursday, December 4, 2008

Google Tag - just because it's fun

Type the following things into google (image) and see what comes up. Pretty fun.

First name: Jennifer

Middle Name: Lynne

Last Name: Harrington (Harrington family crest); Soon to be Morris

Favorite Pastime: home decorating


Nickname: Jenny (only to John - Jen to everyone else)

Something on my wishlist


Favorite Movie:

Dream Vacation: Ireland

Occupation: Human Resources

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving and Christmas

Favorite Snack: fruit

(LOL someday I'll join the fruit of the month club haha ;-))

Favorite Color:Aggie Maroon

Favorite food: Salsa - mmmm me too - love me some Mexican food!!

I tag all of my readers - Go! :)

1 comment:

ALICIA said...

Glad you did that one too.