Friday, December 19, 2008


Today is the day!! With one big check (hopefully), 3 big checks off of the list! House sold - check! Invitations purchased - check! Honeymoon tickets bought - check! What a HUGE relief! We have a roadmap and are ready to roll!! Can you believe next week is Christmas? With the sale complete - I have some shopping to do!!!

**UPDATE** Well - the closing went fine - but because it didn't start on time - by the time it finished - it was too late to wire transfer the funds for this days they'll do it tomorrow and I have to wait until Monday for it to be in my account. Grr. Oh well - it is done. I met the lady who bought it. She seems nice. Kinda looked like Mary Lou Retton but taller. So I guess shopping will be postponed until next week. Nothing like last minute eh? Mom and I did go get our wedding invitations so that is 1 1/2 (the other half will come when I get the money) of the 3 checks.

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