Thursday, December 11, 2008

Moving Hodge Podge

Making my list and checking it twice. There is so much going on that if I didn't have my list I think I would go crazy. I just booked a U-Haul for Saturday. 2 days!! I can't believe moving day is finally almost here!! We go sign the lease tomorrow evening!
After we sign the lease - we go to dinner with some dear friends. Saturday, John will drop me off at U-Haul, go to choir, and then come back to help me move. Sunday we go to the early service for the Christmas Cantata and then head to Athens to have Christmas with John's family.
What a whirlwind of a weekend. Next week won't be any less busy. John has to work to keep even with all his stops then next weekend he is on call. I close on my house on Friday and as soon as that money is wired - need to get my Christmas shopping done.
Christmas Eve - we will leave for Pensacola as soon as possible - stop somewhere along the way when we get tired and drive the rest of the way on Christmas day. I really really dislike his company's December policy. It needs to be on a rotating basis so that those of us with out of town families can be able to enjoy the holidays with them.
I still haven't heard back fromt he appraisal yesterday. Hopefully all went well. I really don't like loose ends. It is way stressful.
This seems to be a hodge podge of randomness doesn't it. Oh well...enjoy ;-)

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jen + ryan said...

okay i just read a few posts down and realized you're name is jennifer lynne! that's MY name too! how strange... and lynne with an "e" at the end too. crazy!

i don't let anyone call me jenny though... i've never been a "jenny". only a "jen" type of girl :)

yay for jennifer lynne!