Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wedding Curls

I absolutely love the hair in these pictures.......Will I choose one for the official wedding 'do'? Stay tuned..... I'm loving the long hair - but I tell you what - as soon as I get past the wedding photos - this hair is going to be chopped and layered and I'm getting some long sweepy bangs back. I'm so tired of having to sleep in a pony tail so it doesn't become a rat's nest. Now I don't want short short, but just below the shoulders should be just fine....
I just realized I hadn't been talking wedding that much on my blog. I guess because I have my wedding planning page that I have all that stuff posted on.
This weekend I'm going to attempt the aisle runner. My parents are going out of town so I will have full use of the big dining room table to work with. I have all the supplies - just need to go to Kinko's and get a large print done of the image. Kinda fun and exciting too. The only thing with the aisle runner - It seems like it will be a pain for people to set it out before I walk down after everyone else walks through. But I want to do it and it was cheap to decorate. Also we will only have an altar centerpiece at the front of the sanctuary so there won't be very many decorations in there.
5 1/2 months. We've been engaged for 6 1/2 months already. Time sure flies!! I have so many things to do but some that can't happen until after my house sells. Sell little house, sell fast!!

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