Monday, September 8, 2008

My inner Martha is dreaming of houses....

Maybe I'm just in nesting mode. Each idea is like a proverbial twig helping me to design my perfect nest. Maybe it's all the moving. Maybe it's all the stress. Maybe it's just the desire to be in the next stage of life already. Maybe it's D) All of the above.

I look at all these other newlywed sites where they are all about decorating and designing the perfect dream home and it makes my inner Martha Stewart want to come out to play. I need to redirect some of that back to the wedding so I do the stuff I set forth to do.

When my house sells at least that will be one major milestone overcome. It will also provide a lot of welcome relief - temporarily. Unfortunately, the airline tickets and other pre-wedding obligations will find alternative uses for the fruits of the sale. It's all part of working towards being in a better place right?

We decided to stay in an apartment after we get married for a little while so that we can save up money again. So my inner Martha will still have time to dream and plan. I'm going to start collecting pictures so that I can start to create inspiration boards like I did with my wedding. I changed my mind umpteen times and I'm sure designing a house will be no different. Like everything - it's a process!!

I don't want to wish away this time of my life - but I do want it to scoot a little bit ahead to where every thing isn't such a struggle. It's not that far away - it's really not!! I can see it just around the bend!!

I just talked to my realtor. My condo had a second showing this weekend. You must like it a lot to go back twice, right? Don't want to get my hopes up - but I'm praying hard!!! I know it will happen at the right time - but I can't help that I think the right time is NOW!! :) My little house wants someone to love it!! I did for 7 years.... That condo represented my post-collegiate 20's...Lots of laughter and tears within those walls. If college is where you learn to be independent, this is where I learned how to manage that independence. :) First came love - then came marriage ...then comes..... we'll hold that thought for now. I've had so many talk about when we are going to have kids recently. Let me be an aunt and get married first!! :) We already have hit several of the key stress components in the last 365 days...let's not raise the bar another notch just yet.

Onward and upward.....working towards that good ole American Dream!!

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