Friday, September 5, 2008

Injuries and Chocolate

Wednesday night while in the midst of cleaning I did something to my upper back/lower neck. That night I felt a slight twinge but nothing big..figured it would work itself out and go away. WRONG!! 4am I woke up crying because the pain was so bad. I went out in the living room to sit on the recliner hoping that would stabilize it and I might be able to go back to sleep. All day Thursday I moved like a robot. Driving was torture because I couldn't turn my head easily and every bump in the road jarred my neck and was excruciating. Thankfully I went to my Daddy Doctor who is a chiropractor and was able to relieve a little bit of tension. Johnny was really sweet and brought me two of my favorite chocolate treats. What a sweetie!! Today, my shoulder muscles aren't as tense, but my neck still hurts badly. Hoping to make it to Dad's office around lunch. Maybe I'm allergic to cleaning....;-)
My little condo has had a few showings, but no offers. This will be the first non-holiday weekend it has been on the market. Pray for big money!! NO WHAMMIES!!
My parents, Jill, John and I are headed down to Athens to have lunch with John's parents tomorrow. Looking forward to all of it but the 2 hour drive. Hopefully my neck will be better so that the drive doesn't hurt.
Next weekend - we need to meet with bakeries and look at tuxes. Time time to get down to business!! 6 months away!! Yay and AGH!! :)

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