Sunday, September 21, 2008

To Do...

This week I have got to try to take some time off to get some things fixed. I have to get my dishwasher looked at so it will stop randomly filling up. I also need to get my car fixed. My poor little car has been benched for the week because I didn't have time to mess with having it towed and fixed last week. Luckily I get to drive John's dad's truck in the mean time - though my car is sitting there with a full tank of gas in it....unable to start - while the truck guzzles gas like there is no tomorrow.... Hopefully Houston will be fully functional this week!! Hopefully lots of people went to look at my place this weekend - and an offer will be pending this week!! I made a wedding to do list of just the things that I need to make - I need to get on the ball - less than 6 months to go!!!

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