Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

So much to do - so little time. Thought we would have a lot of time to get some projects done by coming out to Athens for the weekend. We did some work around the house, and now are about to get cleaned up to go visit John's Granny and hang out with her for a little bit. This afternoon we need to do the goody bags for the reunion, the recipes, and put together Carol's programs. I was going to try to do my aisle runner while we are out here, but silly me forgot to go to Kinkos to get an enlarged version of the monogram. So...the aisle runner will have to wait a while. I need to sit down with John and narrow down what kind of wedding cake we want and also confirm that the invitations we selected months ago are still the ones we are going to use.
We only work 2 days this week and then we head to Kansas. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone - who knows when or if this will happen again. In those 2 days I need to find a good gift for my mom's 60th... Does Jared have the answer?

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