Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fantasy Football Draft Time

It's Fantasy Football time! J0hn picked Romo. That's the only one so far that I have any interest in. I'm still learning to be a football fan. :) Got the new Cowboys hat and ready for the season. The draft is on hold until later this afternoon so we can actually leave now to go focus on finishing up my place!! Hopefully I'll be making a phone call to Susie on Monday to get this thing listed!!! Dad reminded me that I put a contract on the condo after it had only been listed for 2 hours - so hopefully I will have the same result!! It looks really nice...and we are leaving enough stuff there to stage it so it doesn't so much look like a bare house. I'm so over doing this every weekend and I need the money from the sale!! Pray it comes fast! Ok - we are outta here!!

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