Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fight for the babies!!

How can anyone look at a cutie like that and then consider blocking a bill that would allow these angels to be tortured and killed? Makes me sick at my stomach! It's not even about the issue of abortion. It's about the value of life. A living, breathing being. Obama can rationalize it all he wants, but blocking the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, not once, not twice, but 3 times is reprehensible. I disagree wtih many of Obama's stances, but the one I cannot in any way shape or form endorse is infanticide. Maybe we should just call him King Herod. Should pregnant women and mothers with infants flee to Eypyt too?
Obama might be able to do the presidential job, but he is anything but presidential. Protecting the rights of a nation - but only for those who were full term pregnancy babies - no - don't think that's how it was listed in the job description. With 2 little ones of his own, it boggles my mind how a father can be oblivious to this. He is worried more about the life of the mother receiving less value than that of the unborn child. That really has no relevance in the scenario that the Born Alive Infant Protection Act talks about. At that point the life of the mother and life of the baby are no longer intertwined. The baby is alive and deserves the same medical care as anyone else.
The rest of the issues up for discussion are important, yes, but they have people that will discuss and decide their outcomes. A baby cannot fight for itself. Barack Obama has no intention of fighting for it. The job is ours. Fight with your vote.

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