Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sprinklers, Peas, and Bees, OH MY!!!

What a day!! John and I were spending the weekend out in Athens housesitting for his parents. We decided to shell some of the peas from their garden for them. Little did we know it was the bee haven!! Since John had to water the peas anyway, and because it was sooo hot, we decided to pick peas under the shelter of the sprinkler. Needless to say - we were DRENCHED!! What a sight it must have been. But we got quite a few peas for them!!

When we got cleaned up, I was able to work on my paper projects for the weekend. I got about halfway done with Carol's programs. Saturday night I finished the recipes and the goodie bags for this next weekend.

So tired now....going to bed. A good weekend but a long, tiring one....

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