Thursday, February 5, 2009


It's perfect! It's official! It's even more beautiful than what the evil Summit would have been. They even include the chair covers and bows which I wanted initially but unfortunately weren't in the budget. It's all included. Now if we could only get our $ back from the thieves, we would be all set.
If anyone knows anyone who was affected by Summit Ballrooms untimely departure or is planning a wedding in the DFW area, I now have a list of vendors that I would recommend in a heartbeat based on their incredible willingness to help out those of us fielding this curveball. Leave me a comment if you would like me to email their information out to you.
A few other lessons learned: 1) If you pay vendors with your credit card, you can have recourse through your credit company if the company does not honor it's contract. (Dave Ramsey would not approve though ;-) ) 2) Wedding insurance may not be such a bad investment - though it may not allow you to recoup all of your monies(some is better than none, though right?) 3) Listen to what other brides have to say about vendors/venues. (Though everything I heard about the Summit was great at the time) 3) Ask questions - LOTS of questions....

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