Monday, February 2, 2009

WTH?? No Reception??

I'm so frustrated and sad right now. I took off the afternoon to go get fitted for my wedding undergarments. On the way back home, I stopped by the post office to get my mail. A letter from my reception venue - oh they must be wanting to confirm our final meeting seeing as the wedding is in 39 days....but NOOOOOO this letter was a half-assed apology saying that they had gone out of business. No signature - no real promise to repay our money - just kind of a we "hope to" but don't know when non committal crap. What do we do now? We have 39 days to find a venue that will hold our reception. The dj and catering were booked with this as well. When mom called the dj tonight, he didn't even have us on the books!!! He was very accomodating though and worked something out. So now we have music back - just no where to hold it and find out tomorrow about the food. After we finished moving on Sunday I was finally starting to get excited and be a little less stressed. Why? I know in the grand scheme of things - it's not that big a deal - but it's our wedding - and we had it planned so nicely. It was such a pretty venue. Now - what do we do? Will we get our $ back? What are our options? I'm still kind of in shock. John is more mad than sad because of all the money and because of how upset I am. I guess it doesn't help that it's that time of the month where my hormones are running crazy. I'm not even to the point of being mad yet (I'm sure that will come) I'm just flustered at how this can possibly turn around. I feel bad too because it's not fair that my parents or us have to put out any more money!! Well I guess I'm going to go try to lay down and fall asleep. Pray we find out some good news tomorrow.

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