Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!

John had roses delivered to the apartment yesterday! They are beautiful and came with a very sweet note that earned him a few brownie points! 29 days until we are married!! Less than a month now!! 4 weeks from tomorrow!! Yikes and Yea!! Yikes because there is still sooo much to do and Yea!! for obvious reasons! I wish that it weren't to some extent a numbers game. I wish that anyone who wanted to would be able to come. We invited too many people and now are having to hope that the count comes in lower. Kinda stressful but we did it to ourselves! This weekend Mom and I are going to find a veil, headpiece/pins and jewelry for me. I have another fitting on Wednesday and a hair trial on Thursday that I need the hair accessories for. Pray I can find something beautiful and relatively inexpensive. I wish my sister's veil wasn't preserved with her dress because it would be great to be able to borrow hers. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend celebrating the joy of loving and being loved.

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