Friday, February 20, 2009

Shower the people you love with love....

Yay!! This weekend has so much fun in store!! Bridal shower is tomorrow with so many of my fabulous friends and family - some who I have not seen in years!! My sister and niece will be attending via webcam (isn't technology fabulous?) I can't wait!! After the party I probably will hang with the fam. John is on call so I don't know if he will be able to venture over to Plano or not. Sunday morning he found someone to fill in for him and we are venturing out to the Arboretum to do our engagement pictures. I know the wedding is 22 days away. Why are we just doing them now? Well - because we hadn't had time to and we wanted to do them before the wedding. :) We also are going to do a little video montage thing. I think some people play those at the reception or whatever but I think I'll just treasure it as a keepsake for us. I'm making a slideshow for before the wedding. So this weekend is all about our wedding!! How fun!! The excitement is building!! Yay!!

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