Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This weeks plans...

DIY projects for the week:

STD cards out and mailed

Begin working on photo montage

I added a new thing to my DIY things to try: jewelry!!! I hope that I enjoy it!! So many possibilities!! :)

My mom just laughs at me. :) It's fun though!! And I'm saving $$$ :)

My mom and I are meeting with a potential florist tomorrow. She is one of my dad's friends, so hopefully we get a discount. I already like her from talking with her on the phone. May have a rather large check tomorrow!! Yay!!

We had to postpone cake testing a few weeks. John ended up being on call this weekend so we will have to wait until the end of July or August after our trip.

Goodness - can you believe that our vacation is almost here? We are going to Kansas to celebrate many family events!! How fun!! I'm ready for the time off - as is John I'm sure....

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