Monday, July 7, 2008

It's time to tackle those 'save the date' cards!!

I got my magnets in from Vista Print. They look great - have a little bit more of a white border than I like and the picture is a little darker - but for the deal they were - they are perfect. I have most of my addresses and am going to begin addressing them this week. I wonder if we will start hearing back from people in response to that or if they will wait for the invitations.... I guess we will see.

John called a little while ago. He is back to being on call this weekend again. Thought we were going to get a chance to test out a cake place this weekend...Oh well....I know there is still time...but I was getting excited to possibly get 2 big checks this week. Hopefully the flowers will work out this weekend. I think that the floral and the cake ladies have businesses out of their homes and they are both friends of my dad's so hopefully we will be able to get a good deal on those. I'm all about the good deal. The wedding has really brought that out in me!!

I love finding new fonts. There are such pretty ones out there - for free! Love it!! I think that even after the wedding I need to keep up this creativity. I think there are a lot of "knotties for hire" - I don't know if I will do that or not. I'd love to have a Gocco and create crafty stuff like that all the time. I don't know how profitable it will be though. As soon as I can get a place for my stuff I have lots of ebay stuff I'm going to list. I started packing this weekend and have already set aside some things that will be of value in that arena.

I just keep thinking that this time next year we will be in a much better position!! I can't wait!!

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