Monday, July 14, 2008

Tear Stained Face

Waiting - It's a challenge. Praying it's good news... I wore my glasses today. Usually not a good sign because that means tears are possible. I'm not good at hiding my emotions. Even if I'm not crying all someone has to do is look at my eyes and they know.

I'm not ready to lose Grandma. She needs to be a part of so many things in the next year at least....Carol's wedding, my wedding, her own 90th birthday, Julie's baby, Mom 's 60th birthday, Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary. It's not time yet. It's just not. Not that we ever want her to go - but just not right now...I want to see her again....and not for the last time.


It's 10:20 and no one has called yet. If I haven't talked to any one by noon - I'm making a phone call.

I am having trouble concentrating at the moment so I'll just end this blog now.

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