Tuesday, June 24, 2008

VistaPrint, Wii, and Laundry

I can't wait to go check my mail. My Vista Print stuff should be in today. I heart Vista Print!! I even got some stuff for my dad's business so maybe he can get some marketing benefits too!! I hope it's there!! I really want to start working on my aisle runner, but need to wait until I can take it to Mom's to do. That's the only place really that I have enough space to try it - except that craft table is in storage....Hmmm - maybe we need a card table and chairs so I can do it at John's - but then there is the matter of the cats - Hmmmmm - Maybe my empty house would be the best - (well it will be empty after my roomie moves out this weekend)

Onto other news - John played his first softball game last night with my church. They did a great job and beat the other team by 3 or 4 runs!! It's so funny because I really dislike watching Rangers games (maybe because they play almost every night and it takes soooooo long for a game), but I love softball games. Maybe it's because I usually know someone playing - but it seems to go by a lot faster and is a lot more enjoyable!!

While we are bragging about John - he was so cute this weekend. We went over to a friends house and played with their Wii. They had Wii American Idol and Wii Sports - So fun!! John was excited about all his perfect scores on American Idol - lol - the rest of us had fun hamming it up and enjoying John's zeal for the game. I wish they weren't so darn expensive because they are so fun!!!

We have to finish up our marriage counseling homework tonight. Procrastination procrastination. It's not that we don't enjoy doing it - its the sitting down for hours at a time doing it that makes us wait to complete it. Tonight I think we have to work on our marriage mission statement while doing laundry and tidying up a bit.

Tomorrow is hump day already!! Time flies!!

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