Friday, June 20, 2008

To blog or not to blog

I feel inspired to begin a new blog. I never would have thought that doing something so fun could be so incredibly stressful. Wedding. Work. Selling house. STILL dealing with my former business expenses. Everyday life. Working out - and the motivation to continue. All these changes and decisions and money and mixing that with the everyday stresses we already have is enough to make anyone a little bonkers. I feel anxious and impatient and it's not really one thing in particular that triggers it. I wish John didn't have to work so much. He really is grossly underpaid for the job he does and the hours he puts in - but oh well. I hate sharing our evenings with his job. They already get one weekend a month when he is on call - the rest of the time is mine or ours or for fun time with friends or whatever - not thiers to claim at the drop of a hat. He works hard at his job but it still is a sore point. It is especially irritating when it is Friday night - almost 7pm and I'm just waiting on him....waiting....waiting....waiting. Not all of my frustration is with him. I'm frustrated at the things on my plate as well. We are under the 9 month mark with still so much left to do. Lots of weight to lose....Having to try to sell my condo on top of it all - a good thing - prolly so - but I just want to rip my hair out or break down in tears - maybe a little of both. I don't want to complain too much because most of the things happening are all good things or have the potential to be - it's just a lot for me to handle and I have my moments where I just obviously feel the need to tell no one in particular that I want to scream. Sigh....

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