Friday, June 20, 2008

DIY Bride Gets Creative

My current version of our wedding programs. The left side is the back, the right side is the front in the layered format.

Inspiration for Isle Runner done by heatherjk. Great job Heather!!

One of 10 Photo Scavenger Hunt pages. We had planned to have the wedding cameras on the table. Hopefully this will encourage some fun shots at the wedding!

Save the date cards - but will probably have a different photo....

For our wedding wish bowl

For our signature platter....

I also am giong to create a unity candle, tears of joy packets, coloring books, a card box (possibly), out of town bags, and spoonful of kisses.

I'll try to post pictures throughout the process. As of right now it is just in the planning and designing stages.

Love it!!

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