Friday, September 18, 2009

We may have an earlier birthday than we thought....

I was informed that I am horrible about keeping up with this blog. I know I am. Sorry!! Well the latest news is that I have been in the hospital since Monday. I went to a specialist appt Monday morning and have been at the hospital for observation since. Everyone thought I was going to have to have a delivery today based on my numbers but this morning the labs came back ok. That is kind of a relative term because the only cure for preeclampsia is delivery - so ok means simply that I'm not getting worse at the moment. Baby Luke is healthy and happy right now. It's just about monitoring my levels so that it doesn't become too toxic for me or him. At this point we are waiting for Monday and get to relax the weekend. We are 29 weeks and 5 days today so hitting Sunday's 30 week mark is the first big milestone. Every day he can stay in the womb is another day he gets to continue to grow stronger. Please keep us in your prayers! Those prayers are what is helping to keep me sane right now. I'll update as I'm able either here or on facebook.

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