Sunday, November 1, 2009

Luke is home now!!

The doggie in the uniform

Luke is ready to catch the football!

Luke is wondering what this is all about...

Every costume needs a hole for your tail! :)

Here is our little Cowboy!

Luke came home with us on Friday!! Yay!! He is such a blessing!! We roomed in with him at the hospital on Thursday night as a trial run. We have been home 2 days now and have been having so much fun with him! Grandma and Grandpa Morris came to visit yesterday and helped us get settled. Mimi and Papa came to visit in the evening. Keli, Rocky, and Landon came today and Katie is on her way over. Other than the sleep deprivation - life couldn't be better!! :)

Knowing my husband could you really be surprised by Luke's Halloween costume? :) One of the nurses suggested that we go to Build-a-Bear to get a costume that would fit - so we did!! We got the doggie to go with the costume for Luke when he gets a little older. :) Isn't Luke the cutest thing? :)

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ALICIA said...

What a little miracle. He's beautiful!